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Let’s face it, 2020 has been a clusterfuck for a lot of people. Bush Fires, Pandemics, Droughts, Floods, Inequality, Unrest. When there is so much going on around you, it can sometimes feel like you are out of control. You can’t control natural disasters, or the actions or reactions of other around us. What you can do however is choose how you act and react. You can choose to be the change you want to see. Attitudes and smiles are just like COVID-19: highly infectious! Here are a few ways that you can spread a little kindness, love, and positivity.

Remember it’s everyone’s day at work
We have all had those days at work when everyone just seems so cranky, or when things just keep going wrong. Nothing more annoying than when you hit roadworks, or you have a power cut, or your internet goes down, right. Does shouting at the person who answers the phone at the power company make you feel a bit better? Maybe, but not for long. The person at the other end of the phone didn’t make your power go out though, and did they deserve to be treated that way? Did the person holding the stop sign intentionally make you late for work, or did they start their day by finding out what today’s duties were and just carrying them out as required.

Pay it Forward
If someone does something for you, it makes you feel good right? Share that feeling by paying it forward to someone else. It could be just a matter of paying for coffee for the person behind you. Telling the store owner or waitress to keep the change, share a joke with someone in the checkout aisle, offering to help someone carry their groceries to the car, recommend a small business to your FB crew, the list is endless. Imagine if that person was having a bad day and just by that small act, you made an impact on their lives. See any encounter as an opportunity to spread some brightness to someone’s day, and if they ask if they can repay you, just say “YES, pay it forward”. By the end of the day, that one act you did, could have resulted in affecting 10s if not 100s of people.

Be Bold.
Most often we make decisions based on either not wanting to interfere, or that we have other priorities. Have you ever not helped someone who needs it because you thought it would make you late for an appointment, or not pursued a job that could make a positive difference because you thought you might not be good enough or it was too hard? It can sometimes take a lot of courage to take that leap of faith, but it’s usually worth it. Good things happen when you step outside your comfort zone. A chalkboard stood in the middle of New York City asking passers by to write down their biggest regrets. Upon reflection, many people regret the things they didn’t do. Check out the video here.

Show Gratitude
Living inspired stems from an awareness that life can change in an instant. Don’t wait for a huge loss to wake you up to your blessings. Take nothing for granted and don’t assume you’re owed anything. In the age of COVID in particular, we cannot take even one breath for granted.
Start a gratitude journal that lists new blessings every day. When we live with joy, we exude positive energy, which uplifts the people into our lives and creates a ripple of hope and optimism in our families, communities, and the world.

Fill your own cup.
It’s hard to help others when you are so overwhelmed, burnt out and stressed. Make sure you look after yourself first, then you have the energy, patience and civility to be kind to others. It doesn’t have to be much, might only need to be five minutes of meditation, painting your nails, going for a walk or enjoying your morning coffee watching the birds. Whatever makes you feel good, grateful, blessed and fulfilled. When you feel like that, I believe it is almost impossible not to pass that feeling on to those around you.

Take some time today to spread the love.



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