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Yep, That's me. The before, the after, and the now.
On my 35th birthday, a work colleague told me that if I hadn't lost my weight, then I wouldn't be able to to do it at all.
I had to prove them wrong. I'm stubborn like that.
I joined a zumba class.  I enjoyed it and I was good at it.  Soo good in fact, that I was recruited as an assistant for the Instructor.  12 months later I was doing 7 zumba classes a week.
At first I felt great... and everyone was telling me how great I looked. I was encouraged to become a personal trainer.  I started doing bootcamps at 6am in addition to the classes, and got my own personal trainer.  I also started running.
I was also working full time.  Slowly but surely all that hard work took it's toll.  I hardly saw my son, I was exhausted all the time and I wasn't as happy as I thought I would be.
But I had lost over 30kgs, so why wasn't I happy?
I was in burnout.  Physically and emotionally exhausted.
I have been the fat girl, then the skinny girl, then the fat girl again. Yet now, while clinically obese, I'm happier. I have learned that the size doesn't matter. It's what you bring to the world, and how you choose to present yourself, that truly matters. I'm choosing to enjoy my life, to live it to it's absolute best and to try and make a difference.
Tell us about your journey....

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