CBF Guide to Christmas Parties

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It’s been a hell of a weird year, and now we have to deal with what is commonly referred to as the silly season.  The reason for the name is not just a cliché, the jokes about the hectic Christmas parties are a real Yuletide dilemma:-  the damaged photocopiers, awkward dancefloor pashes and dramas that risk your ongoing employment just to name a few. 

In some areas of Australia the celebrations have been reduced to smaller, more low key affairs, but if you are lucky enough to be able to get social this year, here’s a few ways to avoid the headlines or the office gossip.


Sometimes it can all be a little too much, especially if you are naturally an introvert. It can be all too easy to let the fear of being a wallflower get the best of you and decide it’s better to give it a miss altogether.  Resist those urges. You could be missing out on the time of your life, or a key opportunity.  In the case of an office function it could be a great way to meet new colleagues, learn more about the business or impress your boss.  For more personal soirees you could be missing out on a new friend, business opportunity, or if you’re single, a love connection.

Do the Prep Work

It pays to plan.  Prevention is better than cure.  Know the dress code, the venue and the type of party you are attending, so you can dress and prepare accordingly.  For instance, outdoor daytime function requires sunscreen and possibly a hat, cause no-one likes looking like a lobster the next day.  Know how you are getting there and how you are getting home.  If it’s longer than 4 hours and you are wearing heels then you need comfy shoes or those handy little fold up shoes.  If you’re drinking then make sure you eat well before the party, and you leave Ibuprofen and Water at the side of your bed for when you get home.

Practice Killer Conversation

I know my biggest fear at parties, especially where I didn’t know people very well, was the small talk.  Those awkward silences can be excruciating, right!? Trust me, practice makes perfect.  The trick I found was to have a few go to questions, that you could bring into play when the conversation starts to stall. If you want to make a great impression, make them interesting questions.  “Have you got any pets?” or “got any plans for the weekend?” can sound a little too dry and fake.  Try some of these Icebreakers from one of our previous posts.

Stay Hydrated

As much as we like to think we always drink responsibly, sometimes things can get out of hand.  All our best intentions can go straight out of the window after a few drinks, so as well as the before and after tips mentioned above, we recommend you try to stick to the same drink all night,  take regular water breaks and make sure you watch your drink and know what’s in it.

Know when to Leave

It’s so easy to get persuaded to stay a little longer than we should, and that extra hour or so can usually be the difference between a great night and a horror story. If you know you find it hard to say no, then pre-book the cab or Uber.


The most important thing, is to have fun.  Don’t set yourself unrealistic expectations such as sticking to diet plans or not drinking at all.  It’s OK to have a day off from eating healthy, being the sensible one or the designated driver, and it’s perfectly OK, in fact it should be your main aim, to let loose and go a little bit crazy…. Just a little bit.  You’re only expectation should be to live your best life and get home safely. 




These blogs are just my views of the world.  It’s just my opinion and experiences.  I will try to be as factually correct as possible, but I am human and I make mistakes.  You are completely within your rights to disagree and question.  Feel free to do so with dignity and respect, and I will do the same. That’s how we grow.  Insults, bullying and blatant disregard for facts and the mental health and wellbeing of contributors will be deleted, and if deemed necessary reported to authorities.  I’m not here to put up with bullshit.

 “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.”

― Albert Einstein


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