CBF Guide to Comparison Culture

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Social media can be a great tool.  Great for keeping connected to friends that you might not be able to see or visit.  Useful for getting news, information and also getting your message out there, and also a key to getting that inspiration you are looking for when you are defining your goals and aspirations.

Looking for Inspiration is a natural and helpful way of being able to determine your goals and is about creating positive change in you, whereas comparison is about judging and putting yourself down.   Inspiration should never lead you to comparison!

Inevitably, there will be times when comparison takes over. It creates an avenue for judgement, both internal and external, on your goal and the person you are comparing yourself to.  Sometimes, we can't help but compare ourselves to others,  but it’s ultimately the worst thing we can do to ourselves because all it does is exaggerate all of our insecurities, so we will always come up short.

If we are in a mental state of inspiration, we are open to suggestion, to see things differently, and can hear.  If we are in a mental state of comparison, we block the flow, judge and we are in fear.

If your source of inspiration leads you to feel negatively about yourself, it has stopped being a positive motivation and turned into a veil of shame.   If you notice that inner monologue starting to sound like a “Karen” then it’s time to realise those “inspirations” are no longer serving their purpose – they are becoming negativity triggers.

You have value to give, and the more you get stuck comparing yourself to someone else, the less energy you have to put into your own value and it’s contribution to the world.

In other words, comparisons are generally pointless.  They’re a total waste of time and energy and are going to hold you back from achieving what you want!  You can be anything but you can’t be everything. When we compare ourselves to others, we’re often comparing their best features against our average ones.  It’s a recipe for unhappiness, or worse still we end up focusing our energy on bringing them down instead of raising ourselves up.

Try to be aware of when you start comparing yourself to others, and when you notice it, practice the art of gratitude instead.  Focus on all the things you do have, all the attributes that you love about yourself, what others love about you.

There is one thing that you are better at than other people: being you. This is the only game you can really win. Focus your energy inwards at being a better version of yourself, rather than a version of someone else. When what you do doesn’t meet the expectations of others, too bad.  What really matters is what you think about what you do, what your standards are, where your journey is headed.

Tread your own path, find your own fit, be your own inspiration.  you have to have faith in yourself and self-belief that you have value to share

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