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I’m sure there are friends of mine out there that would never believe this, but I have struggled with social anxiety for a long time. There are lots of reasons for this: not feeling good enough, thinking that you don’t fit in, you’ll make a fool of yourself, I could go on and on about that, but it’s a separate post for sure.

Anyway, for those of you that feel the same, here’s what I have learned:
     - Anyone that thinks less of you is not worth knowing
     - You don’t need to impress anyone
     - You attract your own tribe if you be yourself.
     - You’re fucking amazing – OWN IT!

Anyway, we all have those times when we may have to “network” or hang out with people we don’t know, and I get it, it can be scary, and no one likes an awkward silence. Having said that, if you are ever feeling REALLY cheeky, I dare you to try and sit with that silence…. I guarantee the other people will fill it before you, and it’s so much fun to see people squirm. Try it.

Sorry, I digressed again.

Most people love to talk about themselves, so here are some of my favourite conversation starters to take the pressure off your next “soirée” and become the fascinating life and soul of the night:

For Work:
What’s the best thing you’ve got going on in your life at the moment?
What’s the biggest adventure you’ve been on?
What would you change if you were in charge of the company you work for?
What is your most treasured possession?
How much money would you need to win to walk away from your current job?

Professional Networking:
What are common misconceptions about your job?
What’s the worst advice you’ve been given?
What’s your favorite thing about the work that you do?
What do you like to do for fun after a busy work day?
If you could take the whole month off, how would you spend your time?

For the Significant Others Parents/Family:
What wastes the most time in your day to day life?
What’s your idea of a great day?
What do you do to unwind after a hard day?
How well do you know your neighbours?
Where have you traveled to?

For the Dinner Party:
What’s the weirdest food you’ve eaten?
If you were featured on the local news, what would you most likely be on there for?
What was your worst haircut experience?
If You Had Your Own Talk Show, Who Would Your First Three Guests Be?
Describe your current mood as an animal.

For the Bar:
What’s the best or worst prank you’ve played on someone?
How do you feel about clowns?
What music do you put on when you want to get pumped?
What about becoming an adult caught you completely off guard?
Who was your childhood actor/actress crush?

On a Date:
What is your guilty pleasure?
What “old person” things do you do?
In what ways are you talented?
What are some little things that bring happiness into your everyday life?
Which Actor/Actress would you pick to play you in the movie about your life?

If you need more check out these helpful sites:

Photo by Scott Warman on Unsplash


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