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Howdy! Let me introduce myself to the TRIBE! My name is Michelle (Yes, I’m the one you been talking to on Instagram and TikTok) and I’m the Influencer/ Ambassador Manager of CBFitwear.

Tracy and I connected last year, which gave me the opportunity to join the Tribe to spread the message of INCLUSION, body positivity, mental health, and fitness. 

Growing up for me was not easy, as I endured bullying for being so skinny. I’ve been called different names (skeleton, bamboo, match stick) and was the brunt of jokes. It really affected my confidence, and I developed depression and anxiety that affected my daily life. I thought back then if I gain weight they will stop teasing me or the jokes would stop. I start using different “fattening vitamins” available in the market. I was even given prescriptions to help. I was so desperate to gain not just my weight but the approval of society that I forgot to take care of my own self,  creating a monster that conformed to society’s beauty standards.

Social Media has a major impact on self-belief and confidence which is negatively affecting most of us. On the flip side, Social Media is the reason why there is now a community that you can rely on in accepting yourself and just being YOU. You just need to focus on what you want and who you are. Don’t give a fuck about those negative people who try to change you or mould you into someone else. 

And that’s why CBFitwear is here. We are here to remind you that no matter what standard society set, you are who you are. We love you for it. No colours nor ethnicity... just you. Don’t let anyone dictate your life - live it the way that is best for you.

If you need someone you can talk to about anything under the sun, you can email me or Dm me via CBFitwear on IG or FB and I’m here for you ready to listen without judgment. ;)

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