Meet Tara

Meet Tara
CBF - we’ve all been there and felt that mood!
Isolation/lockdown in Melbourne had really bought out the CBF in me.
Getting out of my pjs for work - CBF
Exercising - CBF
Wearing a bra - Fuck that!!
But what I found was the CBFs were making lockdown much worse for my mental health.
I’ve struggled with depression in the past and in isolation I’ve struggled with anxiety which I haven't experienced much before. This took the form of frustration and agitation at the littlest things, zero tolerance and struggling to sleep and feel relaxed.
I needed to do something to get myself back.
So whilst I rock my CBFitwear I now try and “be fucked”, get out and do something!
I now get out of my PJs and into my activewear, which usually involves my CBF “Queenager” sweatshirt or CBF “Not today” hoody.  I finish a day of work with Yoga in my CBF “Hot AF yoga” singlet and a walk with the dogs, When there’s sun I want that Vitamin D to help with the mental and overall health!
There is still an odd day here and there I still CBF... which is why we have wine, cheese and Netflix!
It’s ok to CBF some days, but for your own health and wellbeing it's best to just  chuck on a bra and get shit done!


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