The CBF Food Guide: Brekkie Bowls

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Meal prep requires dedication, planning and giving up your Sundays... and who CBF'd with all that? Brekkie bowls are really quick to put together and very nutritious, so why not give them a go. You just thrown salad leaves, your protein of choice and veggies in a bowl. What you put in there is up to you.

The limit is only your imagination. Of course the rule is that you segment the different ingredients in the bowl so it looks nice and fancy and you paid $20 for it at a hipster cafe.


Boiled Eggs, spinach, three bean mix (drained), snow peas, mushrooms and capsicum

Diced chicken, spinach & rocket, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, olives and feta, balsamic dressing

Tuna Mayo (you can buy that ready made in a can you know!), Kale, Bok Choy, shredded fennel, carrot, sweetcorn

Tofu, Mixed lettuce, Edamame (drained), roasted sweet potato, spring onion, avocado, flaked almonds, lemon dressing

For something sweet, try granola, Bran Buds, Greek Yoghurt, honey, apple and berries, sprinkled with a bit of chia.

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