What did we Learn in 2020

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To say that 2020 was eventful is an understatement.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, the next month would come along and say “oh yeah, well watch this!”

The end of the year is naturally the time for reflection, but even more so for this one in my opinion.  Friedrich Nietzsche, a German Philosopher, was the first to pen the phrase “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”.  For a lot of people it was a tough year.  An incredibly tough year.  The general consensus is that it has been a worldwide shitshow, to the extent that some people are almost ashamed to admit if their 2020 was a good one for them.  For me, 2020 was a bit of both, but mostly it was a year for learning, for growing.  Here’s a few things I have taken from this years events:

When the going gets tough, the Aussie community spirit comes to the fore.

Bushfires, Floods, Pandemics.  Australia has seen some pretty hectic tragedies and loss.  One thing our communities do well, and our nation for that matter, is picking others up when they are down.  Whether it is ensuring there is food, supplies, shelter, or money going to places it is needed, Aussies gather around and get shit done.  Then we help to rebuild.  When we work together we can achieve amazing results.

It’s not enough to agree that things need to change

The Black Lives Matter rallies really truly challenged me.  Saying I am not racist and that I support the Black Lives Movement isn’t enough.  It’s time to have those challenging conversations, educate myself and truly stand by those that need support to change things. We need to clear their path from the barriers and red tape that we have sat behind for so long. Which brings me to my next lesson.

Some things can be done differently.

When the pandemic hit. We were forced to find alternatives.  Things that we previously accepted as societal norms were flipped on their heads.  Corporations were forced to shut down their offices and have their staff work from home. Infrastructures that were previously suffocating under the congestion of everyone trying to get to their 9-5 jobs were suddenly clear. Businesses that thrived on passing foot traffic had to look at other ways to provide their products and services.  When our backs were against the wall, we found a way.  The question is, does it really have to take a pandemic to find another way?  Let’s look for the opportunities before they are forced upon us.

There’s a time and a place for Rebellion

CBF is all about the attitude.  Be a rebel every now and again.  Like our previous lesson explained, we can say fuck you to the “normal way” of doing things, to what society says we should be like, how we should behave, who we should be.  I actively encourage this way of thinking, but with one caveat. Rebel as much as you want, as long as it does not harm others.  So when it came to the introduction of wearing masks or staying indoors, We needed to fall into line and conform.  Yes, it’s inconvenient, annoying, and difficult to be away from our social connections and supports, but it was for the good of the community, the nation, and has saved many lives of the people we love.  When we look at other not so lucky countries, we can be grateful that the majority of people have the same philosophy.

I also asked the CBF tribe what 2020 taught them. Here are my favourites:

Jodie: To embrace change and not fight it

Valerie: Perspective is key

Sandra: To be grateful for good health and good friends.

Georgina: The importance of connection

Tara: To take pleasure in the everyday and the little things

Chantal: Step into faith and trust what is unfolding, even when it makes no sense.

Amanda: That some things are outside of my control

Athena: There is opportunity in every bad situation




These blogs are just my views of the world.  It’s just my opinion and experiences.  I will try to be as factually correct as possible, but I am human and I make mistakes.  You are completely within your rights to disagree and question.  Feel free to do so with dignity and respect, and I will do the same. That’s how we grow.  Insults, bullying and blatant disregard for facts and the mental health and wellbeing of contributors will be deleted, and if deemed necessary reported to authorities.  I’m not here to put up with bullshit.

 “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.”

― Albert Einstein


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