CBF @thegym


You live 2 minutes away but you drive there and park right outside the gym door, then run on a treadmill for 20 mins.  I know people who pay for memberships and never set through the door, except for that time when they were walking past and desperately needed the toilet.  Turning up is a big deal... actually working out is a bonus... right?

There are those gyms that send you an email or a text message when you haven’t signed in for a couple of weeks… “we miss you, come back”.  Mate, the only way you would know what I looked like was if I pitched a tent in your front yard.

Going to the gym is certainly entertaining though.  There’s the members (in every sense of the word) that are constantly checking out their “form” in the mirror. Actually…. I’m one of them, but whatevs.  My favourites are the ones that are sitting taking up bench space while scrolling aimlessly on Instagram.  It’s all about the fitspo though, honestly.