CBF Guide to Styling Activewear for work

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Stuck in your 9-5 wearing a tight-arse suit and having absolutely no space to breathe after your lunch break, are you for real? If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we no longer need to keep the tradition of the corporate 9-5 office, so when it comes to our office attire we can do anything we want! Surely we’re past the monotony of a boring suit every bloody day.

Here is my little guide to help you change it up a bit, so you’re not having to iron out your shirt and pants along the right crease lines the night before work…or the morning of.

Most of the suggestions I’ll make are actual trends you would’ve seen top models rocking, so if they can do it, why the fuck can’t we?!


#1: Runners with your suit

I’m talking skirt suits, pants suits, the gingham and tartan suits you’ve got waiting for an occasion. It’s all about practicality really…  Girls, your bell bottom or bootcut style pants will completely cover them if that’s what you’re worried about. Your cropped, ankle biters will show them kicks off without a doubt, as with your skirts. I find the most satisfying look is with my pencil skirts.


#2: Hoodies (either cropped/tucked in)

Seriously, unless you’re a freak and enjoy methodically ironing a shirt, why bother. Besides, if you do one of these, you don’t even have to wear a collared shirt! Sometimes, you don’t have to wear a shirt at all!

Wearing a cropped hoodie can give you an edge here and will let you show off your abs if you’re in the mood that day.


#3: Track pants and heels

This is where you don’t have to worry about overeating at lunch. AND it isn’t complete comfort, so you don’t have to feel bad about that, your feet can still be in pain haha. You could just slip a sexy pair of pumps on which will just complete your look and give it that extra edge. Alternatively, a pair of sneakers could be a great finish to your look.


#4: Leggings and oversized blazer

The joy of not having to squeeze yourself into a perfectly pressed pair of pants before walking into the office on a Monday morning will be AMAZING. Pair them with an oversized blazer and you’re all good to go. You can even slip on a pair of heels if you really feel like it.


#5: Depends on the size of your balls, you could even wear bike pants

As I said, this one is a ballsy choice. Not for everyone, but all you have to do to make it more formal is add an oversized blazer, (preferably one that goes over your butt). You could even pair this one with a bulky long/cropped hoodie underneath!

You don’t even have to wear heels, you could try a chunky pair of sneakers and you’ll be set.


As I said above, I think my ultimate comfort office look is an oversized hoodie with a pencil skirt and pumps.

Give them a go and see which one suits you and your body type the best.

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